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DJ ПУЛТ - Behringer BCD-2000
- Закупен е преди 4 месеца от Shop Mania
Напълно работещ без никакви забележки! пълен комплект както съм го купил.

Снимка актуална цена и информация за продукта - ТУК!

Цена 250 лв.

Работя с куриери за цялата страна

Play, mix and scratch MP3, OGG and WAV files with a real vinyl feeling
4-channel full-speed USB audio interface with 24-Bit converters, awesome sound and ultra low-latency ASIO driver
Your complete DJ setup in a single controller/audio box: mixer, dual player, effects section, microphone preamp, 2 phono preamps plus a full-fledged monitor section
Perfect control over DJ mixer, player and effects functions with the included BEHRINGER B-DJ software or most other MIDI DJ software (Windows XP only)
You can run up to 4 effects simultaneously in real time, including any DirectX effect plug-in and record your live performance straight to your computer’s hard disk
2 cool jog wheels for creative DJ performances like scratching, pitch bending and cue searching
Total performance control through 3-band kill EQ, loop buttons, pitch and level faders per channel plus an ultra-smooth gliding crossfader with adjustable crossfader curve
Internal microphone preamp with own level and EQ adjustments for MC performances or DJ’s talkover
2 internal phono preamps (one selectable as line input) for mixing your vinyl records with MP3 files or using the BCD2000 as a digital DJ mixer with full effects control for your dual vinyl performances
Dedicated control elements for play/pause, cue, loop, pitch bend, effects section plus freely selectable cue logics with several cue points per song support intuitive performances
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
The B-CONTROL DeeJay BCD2000 will play, mix and scratch any WAV and MP3 files as well as other audio formats. Connect up to two DJ turntables, a CD player or a hand-held media player and use the BCD2000 as the foundation for your mixing setup. Get ready to mix and scratch even your favorite vinyl with MP3.

The BCD2000 features a full-speed USB 4-channel audio interface plus high-resolution 24-bit A/D and D/A converters. It perfectly complements the included BEHRINGER B-DJ software or most other DJ software. And don’t let the cutesy looks fool you: this is an integrated, full-fledged audio mixer with a premium quality mic preamp, 3-band kill EQ per channel, ultra-precise faders, super-smooth crossfader and talkover function. The BCD2000 is packed with 2 state-of-the-art phono preamplifiers, one of which is switchable to a CD player. Its sophisticated headphone section includes PFL Mix, Split options and direct listening to master output mix. Play, Pause, Cue, Loop and Pitch Bend functions are regulated via dedicated controls for intuitive Djing, and 4 user-assignable controls and buttons are available for an integrated FX section. Take advantage of the enormous processing power of modern PCs and mix, scratch and manipulate digital music in real timeregardless of the format!
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